September 2008

"BEST Bowl Of Oatmeal"

September 28, 2008

Good Sunday Morning! Mom and Dad got here around 9:30/10 last night and we had fun milling about the house and showing them things we’ve collected and reorganized since they were last here. We finally went to bed around 11:30 – boy was I tired! 8 hours later….I woke up and cooked a batch of […]

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Homecoming #3

September 27, 2008

Hi guys!! We are home from our long day of Homecoming activities. It was a great day – and it didn’t rain!!!!!!! I am pretty proud of the way I handled myself health-wise today given that I was surrounded by drunk people most of the day. I didn’t have a drink until dinner, but not […]

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Out, In, Back Out

September 27, 2008

Hi I am Kath.  I like oatmeal.  Here are some pictures of my food. (The husband wrote that because I asked him to put in my photos for me!!!) We’re in a big rush this morning to get to a brunch – I feel back for neglecting my blog duties!!! Yesterday was a lot of […]

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Too Sleepy!

September 26, 2008

Hi guys! It’s 12:33 am and I’m totally exhausted from walking all over the city in the pouring rain and a looooong lightrail ride home.  Post appearing in the AM!

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Welcome Home

September 26, 2008

Amazingly, my sister’s flights were both on time! I was able to get my Organic lab done this morning, so that’s a nice Sunday to-do checked off the ‘ole list. I made myself a cup of tea to take with me and help tide me to lunch before I left for the airport. I also […]

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Executive Decision

September 26, 2008

I’m skipping class!! But I have a few good reasons: 1) The major gas shortage here. I’m not quite low yet, but an hour of driving saved is a lot. 2) The hurricane outside. We’ve been having a lot of wind, but I had no idea it was a leftover hurricane bringing this nasty weather! […]

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September 25, 2008

I came home to a surprise package sticking out of my mailbox today – from the Peanut Butter Boy!!! I mailed him a jar of EarthFare PB to review a few weeks ago and he thanked me with a jar of a BUTTER TOFFEE PB!! Of course I tasted it immediately (luckily I was ready […]

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