April 2008

Dinner @ 70mph

April 30, 2008

While traveling down I-26 towards Charleston, here’s what I’ll be dining on….. A big ol’ turkey and avocado sandwich on Rudi’s Organic Honey Wheat Bread. With jalapeños, pickles, mustard, fresh basil and romaine. A bag of mixed veggies with a mashed white bean + yogurt + lemon juice + olive oil dip Plus a small […]

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Salty Veg

April 30, 2008

Physio exam went well. I’m pretty sure I did well in the class I really, really enjoyed the semester. Physiology has always been my favorite science subject, so I’m even sort of sad it’s over! I wish we’d had a whole year to go into more depth. I guess I’m a NERD. I’ve got 2 […]

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Pancakes, Pregnancy + Packing

April 30, 2008

(Before you get excited, pregnancy is referring to the main focus of my Physio exam today so I’ve got it on the brain!) Pancakes (And A Waffle) Started today with another Vans Blueberry Waffle with AB + Raspberry jam before my early morning workout. I actually do prefer the heartier Kashi waffles so I’ll have […]

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Dinner + Some Physio

April 29, 2008

Great Recipe Discovery! I have many so many bean and grain patties this year and many of them have fallen apart on me or just had a weak texture. But these were GREAT!!! Greek-Style Quinoa Burgers from Body + Soul Magazine. We didn’t do the pita with yogurt that the recipe calls for (no pitas […]

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Crisp Breezy Day, Crisp Lunch

April 29, 2008

I spent the second half of my morning out, which means my afternoon is ALL Physiology 😥 But I can’t complain because to have a half day off was my dream six months ago and I feel so lucky now to have the flexible lifestyle of a full-time student, even if it means studying, memorization, […]

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Too Many Choices!

April 29, 2008

I have been being so indecisive lately!! This morning I wanted to workout before breakfast, but I didn’t want to get up at 5, but I also wanted to walk with the husband to the lightrail. So I couldn’t decide what to do. Then once I decided on timing, I couldn’t decide between a run […]

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Romantic Dinner For Two

April 28, 2008

I’m not sure why, but this afternoon I had the strangest hunger – I was starving but not really. Hard to interpret. I had a big mug of Organic Morning Lite with greek yogurt and flax around 3:45, followed by spontaneous Kashi crackers (3) and a handful of trail mix (about half a serving) that […]

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