December 2007

Salmon Pasta in a Lemon Cream Sauce

December 29, 2007

This dinner was good, but not great. It needs some adjustments made to the ingredient portions. This recipe was much better with smoked salmon! But there was nothing bad about tonight’s dinner! Started with a glass of the Ledson Petit Verdot from last night. Fruity and bold! Recipe: We chopped up broccoli and green pepper […]

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Video Post Lunch + Shopping

December 29, 2007

Workout We hit the gym from 10:45 – noon. It was the most crowded I’ve seen it since last January and it’s not even New Year’s yet! Argh! I had to do an older elliptical machine, but it was surprisingly challenging on resistance 14. I was pretty sweaty and my legs were worn out at […]

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Kath Eats Sweet Potato Fries

December 29, 2007

Video Post #4: Sweet Potato Fries! With a special appearance from the husband 😀

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Peanut Butter Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

December 29, 2007

So every Saturday I debate between 1) Going to the gym early and having breakfast after (which means I enjoy breakfast more having gotten in a good workout) and 2) Having a leisurely morning and breakfast and going to the gym later (when I feel gross and want to cut it short to get going […]

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The Most Wonderful Evening!

December 28, 2007

I haven’t had an evening as enjoyable as this one in a really long time. There was really nothing particularly special about it, but it just left me feeling SO happy and content. Walk The clouds broke just long enough for us to put on our rain gear and make the walk to the shopping […]

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Cozy Lunch at Home

December 28, 2007

Amazingly, I made it until 1 p.m. to eat lunch!! Well, I did have 3 graham sticks in my office around 10:30 when I thought I was going to go nuts if I didn’t chew something (I’ve given up sugar-free gum and am doing a digestive tract experiment after reading about sugar alcohols, so I […]

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Back to the Grind?

December 28, 2007

Alarm Clock Musings Getting up was surprisingly easy today – and I figured out something about our alarm clock that I’m really excited about!! My whole life I’ve woken up to a radio, because processing the music helps wake me up. But the husband is REALLY picky about getting “annoying” songs stuck in his head […]

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